Camping containers – handy cooking tools for your camp

Containers for camping and other outdoors activities such as bushcraft, hunting and survival preparedness.

Anyone that has spent any length of time in the outdoors away from our usual home creature comforts knows that every now and again you are going to need to stop for a rest and re-fuel. But you are away from your convenient household stove and “pots and pans” so how are you going to cook food or heat water for biological sterilisation? You are going to need some containers!

There is a wide variety of camping water containers and cooking containers available, each with their own uses but here at the OutBiome Cache we suggest the products that are the most useful and durable.

Different kinds of containers for different uses.

For water carrying we recommend using metal containers but you can get lots of bottles made from plastics and even thermal flask variants that will keep the contents hot or cool. If your water container is made from Steel then you will be able to use it over a fire to sterilise water taken from a natural water source. In this way you extend the versatility of your equipment making so that they can be used for more than one thing, in this case water treatment as well as water carry. You couldn’t use a plastic or thermal flask to do this as it would destroy your equipment.

A good set of kit you can get is some inspired by the military cup and canteen! You can get a steel cup, bottle, cup lid and simple stove all in one package. This set is nested so it all fits together in a minimum space, fantastic for reducing the area taken up with your equipment.

A popular outdoors cooking container is the Billy Can which is made from Stainless Steel and comes in a variety of sizes. It is used to cook food and can be used to heat water and is usually hung above a camp fire. These metal pots that have a handle to hang them with and come with a lid are extremely durable and versatile and people have used them to bake bread and even cook an entire Chicken!

Why use stainless steel?

We recommend that you use Stainless Steel for your water containers and cookware as you will know that they will be able to be used on a fire or a stove.

You can get mess tins and other cookware made from Aluminium but these are not good for long term or frequent use as the Aluminium metal would find its way into your food and therefore into your body. Studies have shown that excessive Aluminium consumption causes a build-up in the brain which causes cognitive dysfunction similar to the effects of consuming Cadmium, Lead and Mercury! Stainless Steel don’t degrade in a way that’s harmful to you!

You can also get camping containers and cookware made from Titanium which is in some respects even better than Stainless Steel, but these products are considerably more expensive. Titanium has a greater heat tolerance, greater durability, more corrosion resistance and is lighter in weight than Stainless Steel.

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