Camping Tents: Shelter from the elements in style

A tent is a portable fully enclosing outdoor shelter. They are made with a variety of durable, weatherproof materials that shelter you from rain, wind, cold and even the insects found on the ground and in the air. Tents can be found in a mind-bogging array of styles, colours and construction designs but they all share similar features and are portable. A typical modern camping tent consists of few common features. They all have a waterproof, windproof and Ultraviolet light tolerant fabric outer shell. This outer layer is the main element of the shelter. Next is an inner enclosure which is a fine netting which is attached to a waterproof – “bathtub” like groundsheet. This is the inner shelter that prevents water from the ground and insect ingress while you sleep. Tents commonly use lightweight yet strong fibreglass rods to provide a rigid frame for the structure and several guy ropes and ground pegs to secure it to the floor.

What are their uses?

Tents aren’t just used for camping! – They are used wherever temporary shelter in needed outdoors. They are commonly used by backpackers, festival goers, hunters and fishermen. Spending a night outdoors isn’t just a hobby for enthusiasts, tents can be large enough to accommodate your entire family. Bring the whole family on an outing to experience the wonders of nature by placing it within nature and still have shelter when things get natural!

They can even be used to introduce children to the experience of sleeping outdoors. Provide your children with a change of scenery by pitching a tent in your garden and have them spend a night under the stars. All from the safety of your property and near your home if they decide they want their bed after-all!

Tents are available in different sizes or “Berths” dependent on how many people the shelter can accommodate. You can get tents that sleep 1 person all the way up to six persons and even more! For personal camping 1 and 2 person tents are common and couples may use a 4 person tent!

How do they compare to other forms of shelter?

There are other items of outdoor equipment and techniques that are used for shelter other than tents. The simplest form of shelter is to use a Tarpaulin or Tarp that be set up to keep rain off you and act as a wind break. Another alternative is the use of a Bivvy bag that is a personal 1 man cocoon for yourself with your other sleep kit. These other forms of shelter are not as good as a tent in the way that it provides an internally sheltered space but they do keep the weather off you, they are also lighter in weight, less bulky and are less expensive in most cases. A tent is a good all-round shelter solution for most outdoor activities that require you to stay outside for more than a day, and are good for people just starting out in camping adventures.

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