Hammock sleeping shelter – Forest camping king

Travel Hammock

A Hammock is essentially a large oblong sheet of woven material that has loops of rope or webbing at each end to tie to trees or other secure points. They are available in a number of styles and constructions good for different uses and situations. Hammocks are particularly popular as an item of leisure lounging furniture and can be found in peoples gardens or being used as a beach hammock.

Why is it useful?

A Hammock is particularly useful as something to rest, relax and sleep in with its simplicity and versatility. They can be surprisingly comfortable when you settle down as they support a large area of your body.

From an outdoor activity use such as in camping, expeditions travelling or use by the forces, a hammock can be an alternative to sleeping on the floor. With the ability to sleep off the floor you would be free to rest in places where you wouldn’t normal be able settle down – such as on uneven, waterlogged or rocky ground. You could even span depressions in the ground and even span a stream. With the most common setup being between two trees then they are ideal for excursions in forested regions such as tropical rain forests.

Different kinds of hammock and why you should get one.

There are many different kinds of hammock that can be used in different outdoor situations. Lightweight hammocks are generally used in leisure time when you just want a nap on a fine afternoon. You could hang them from a pair of trees if available but people hang them from anything they can. If there is no clear place to hang a hammock there are purpose built frames available that can be erected in your chosen spot.

It is recommended that if you are using a hammock in colder climates you will need to include a sleeping mat or under-blanket to provide isolation against the cool air. Because the cool air circulates under you and also over you this creates an overall feeling of being cold!

Hammocks that are specific for camping and other outdoor adventures such as forest expeditions have other features such as Mosquito nets and can even be waterproof for use on the ground as a Bivvy bag. A large amount of other hammock accessories are available such as under-blankets, sheaths, tree fasteners with Carabiners and Woopie slings for webbing. A Hammock would be a fantastic addition to and avid woodland campers kit!

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