Hiking Boots – tough essential outdoor footwear for all conditions

Usually when people are preparing for outdoor activities and situations where you could be on foot for a long time, they sometimes overlook one thing. That thing is good footwear!

A good pair of walking boots can make all the difference to you returning from a long hike with waterlogged feet with multiple painful blisters and even a sprained ankle and not.

Why do you need them?

We wear a great variety of footwear these days and what is true is that they are all suited for a specific activity or situation! When it comes to serious outdoor hobbies and interests that can put your footwear though extreme weather conditions, you are going to need something that can take the punishment – so your feet don’t have to. You could go for a hike or out camping wearing your daily casual pair of trainers or sneakers but you can almost guarantee that they will come back ruined along with your feet! It is advised that you buy a pair of walking boots too the best your budget will allow as cheap, inexpensive boots could be made from sub-standard materials and build quality!

A good pair of hiking boots are made with a sturdy construction with durable materials that are supposed to support your feet, cushion them from impacts and protect against the cold and wet weather. The soles often feature an aggressive tread with durable, anti-slip properties and material. Other footwear are just not built to such exacting standards and will fail you if put through the conditions encountered by outdoor enthusiasts and professionals.

They are sometimes overlooked in the preparedness community when prepping a Bug-out-bag as you can be more focused on your water, food and survival tools. But if you are not in possession of a good pair of hiking boots then you could be setting yourself up for injury further down the line.

What different boots are available?

There are many kinds and styles of boots available suitable for casual walks with family and dog to boots suitable for hiking mountains with attached crampons! It is recommended that you find a pair of boots that are strong and sturdy, waterproof with breathable fabrics. I prefer Hiking boots made from full grain leather but there are ones made with other materials that are just as good!

Peter Storm Men’s Brecon Walking Boots

£52.95 – Tested by OutBiome, Verdict: Excellent Boots for the price range!