Sleeping bags – keeping you warm – Sleep outdoors

A sleeping bag is very much a necessary item of outdoor equipment and is useful in any situation where you need to sleep outdoors. In many countries there are comfortable daytime temperatures but at night those temperatures drop noticeably to lows that are uncomfortable at best and deadly at the worst. Many people that are experiencing camping, or other activities that may require you to overnight in the outdoors for the first time, under-estimate how cold it can get – even in summer! We recommend you get bags for cold conditions even if the days are warm!

There are many different types of sleeping bag suitable for different environments and outdoor activity.

They are often found to be designated by use in different seasons ranging from 2 season then 3 and 4 season. A 2 season sleeping bag is to be used in generally warm climates and in the late Spring to early Autumn months but not at any other time of the year. A 3 season sleeping bag is the most popular and versatile of the sleeping solutions and is bigger and bulkier than a 2 season. Finally the 4 season sleeping bag would be ok with temperatures dropping to extremes below -8oC and are the heaviest and bulkiest of all the bags you will find.

Sleeping bags can be made with a variety of materials and fillings that can effect the weight, bulk and insulation properties of the bag. The most common filling are Polyester Microfiber, Polyester hollow-fiber and natural Duck Down feather. Down filled bags can be excellent as they offer a remarkable insulation to weight ratio but require care and maintenance. Bags filled with the man-made hollow-fiber also provide great insulation and can be more robust and durable.

Many modern Rucksacks feature a compartment specifically for sleeping bags and allow ease of access to it.

Here are some Sleeping Bag suggestions: