The Rucksack – the carry all from camping to outdoor expert

My old and trusted Rucksack Backpack
My old and trusted Rucksack Backpack

A Rucksack or Backpack is a wearable container in which you can store and carry many different items and be able to travel a long distance with them. They come in a variety of sizes to suit many different uses within many situations. They range in sizes or capacities of over 70 litres in volume for extended duration expeditions to smaller 15 litres good for the daily commute or every day carry (EDC).

It’s uses for different situations

A rucksack is a very versatile item of outdoor equipment and is a staple for activities such as camping, bushcraft, hiking, hunting, fishing, or survival and the military. In-fact a Rucksack or Backpack is used by most people when something needs to be carried comfortably!

Modern features

Rucksacks have come along way over the years and many new innovations have been introduced. Many models feature compartments for water reservoir pouches, maps and electronics like tablet computers. They are generally made from tough, durable and water-resistant (not waterproof!) fabrics and coloured and styled to suit any outdoor activity.

What rucksack to get and why:

What kind of Rucksack to get would depend on what activities you intend to do with it! So if you are camping out in the wilds for a night you will need a larger bag. You would need the capacity to carry a sleeping bag, tent, mat, change of clothes, food, water container and cooking system at the least. If you are just going for a hike for the day but not sleeping the night you could go for a smaller Backpack.

Things to consider when buying a Rucksack.

Different Rucksacks have features designed for intended activities with some styles lacking in universal options for attaching gear on the outside of the pack. Look for packs that have long straps either on the top or bottom of the pack that can be used to attach a tent and or sleeping mat. Tactical backpacks, the kind used by the military are good but as a civilian you are best to avoid camouflage colouring as this will draw attention and label you as military. Unless your activity is mountain climbing, pick plane colours such as Khaki, Olive green and black as they will not draw attention due to their common or drab appearance.