Versatile wood processing tools – Saws

Anyone that has gone out on camping or hiking trips and uses a campfire to provide heat for cooking food and heating water will have encountered the need to process wood. In times when it is just impractical to carry a dedicated wood processing tool such as an Axe then you would need something else! That is where a pocket or Pack Saw would become an essential addition to your backpack.

Pocket Saws come in a variety of designs and usage situations like Folding Saws or Chain Saws and even Wire Saws.

Bushcraft enthusiasts and woodsmen generally carry both an Axe and a Saw so that they can process wood branches for a large variety of applications ranging from fire wood preparation to shelter building. For most outdoors adventures it is recommended that you have at-least a Pack Saw and only add an Axe if you think you are going to need one. Most of the wood processing tasks around camp can be accomplished with just a Saw.

From my personal experience, Folding Saws are the most effective at cutting wood branches for the amount of effort used but it would depend and the usage. For instance if you are creating a bug-out bag for emergences then you might include a wire/chain hand saw due to there lightweight and small pack size. These saws however are unsuitable for extended cutting tasks as they take more effort to accomplish a similar task done with a Folding Saw.

There are many different Saws available for use in camping, hiking, fishing and hunting but the most popular one used in the Bacho Laplander folding saw. I own one and it is a great Saw for the price and is effective as general wood cutting tasks around camp.

Folding Saws in particular can be used in other situations other than outdoors adventures! They can be a handy domestic tool in the maintenance of gardens. The lightweight and compact nature of folding saws means that you can carry one with you when you are servicing shrubs and small trees.